Why Choose Us

For more than 10 years we have provided thousands of successful treatments, with not one case of complications or side effects!

We help each patient restore maximum function by utilizing the right natural treatment methods specifically for their unique case. Treatments therapies can include; acupuncture, nutraceutical supplements, medical foods, botanical (herbal) medicines, and detoxifying medical products.

Chronic illness occurs when the body’s ability to cope with multiple demands is compromised.

When you are affected by any or all of the three stress causes of human disease, Physical, Environmental, and Emotional, your body is often overwhelmed and unable to respond correctly, leading to a breakdown of normal function and chronic symptoms.

Conventional medicine is generally focused on masking the symptoms of the immediate physical breakdown. It does not identify, in most cases, what the root cause of the body’s maladaptive response is in order to prevent recurrences. Biomedical drugs or surgical types of treatment is very appropriate for crisis intervention or in times of acute trauma, but long-term healing can only be achieved by raising the threshold of the body’s ability to cope and repair itself in response to the stresses that have damaged it.

At The Wellness Institute of America we look at the whole person, the integrated individual, so that we can understand why your body’s coping ability have been compromised. We aim to identify and address the specific causes ( physical, environmental, or life stressors) that have lead to a loss of function eventually resulting in your symptoms and health problems.

Our goal is to naturally remove any blood flow obstructions to the body and restore any imbalances that have developed. Botanical medicines and supplements are used to help provide the body with what is needed to accelerate repair and healing.

Why Choose The Wellness Institute of America


  • Gerald Williams is a Fellow of the ABORM (American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine) and Emeritus (retired) Founding Member.
  • Having provided over 10,000 successful treatments over the last 10 years in practice.
  • Not one injury worsening of a condition ever.


Treating the root cause, versus just treating the symptom.


We only accept patient that we have tested and KNOW that we can help, if not we will find them a better referral to help the patient.


Our purpose is to help as many people as possible return to optimum health and function so that each person can reach their own personal goals of helping others and leading a happy and productive life.


Our policy is to never have finances be in the way of someone who really wants to regain their health and function. We accept accept all insurance coverage and we will work with each person to make sure that they do not have additional financial stress.


Clinic policy is each patient receives a treatment service satisfaction and full refund guarantee.


Personal service and we listen and spend time with each patient. We help to achieve results, physically and emotionally without drugs and their harmful side effects.


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