Sleep Disorders

Experience a perfect good night’s sleep

Sleep disorders can be identified by the inability to fall asleep, the inability to go back to sleep or frequently waking up during the night. Although sleep disorders can be an illness in own right, it is often also a symptom of another illness.

At The Wellness Institute of America, we understand that sleep disorders can significantly affect your entire life, we also realize that a lack of sleep can influence your body’s threshold for coping with other stressors. Our approach to the treatment of sleep disorders is not only aimed at reprogramming your biological clock to foster a more normal sleep routine, but we also focus on restoring your ability to achieve a natural sleep without having to rely on prescription or over the counter medications.

Our aim is to correct the cause of your sleep disorder and restore your body’s ability to prevent other illnesses from developing.

Experience a perfect good night’s sleep, call to schedule your consultation and assessment today.

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