How it Works

Our diagnosis starts with really listening to you, we will take as much time as needed to find out what you really want, and what is really important for you, we wouldn’t be satisfied with just a five minute meeting to discuss important health issues, and we don’t expect you would either.

After we know what you want, and before we give you options to choose from, we want to make sure that you can actually be helped, by offering and providing comprehensive, non-invasive, tests to determine the root cause of your problems.

How The Wellness Institute of America Works?

Our services helping people FUNCTION naturally (without drugs or surgery) We first need to discover what is at the root cause of a person problem. Is it –

Physical Stress

Blood flow obstruction to the Organ Glands or Tissues

Environmental Stress

Toxins that have been breathed, eaten or drunk.

Life Stress

From finance’s family works etc that affect a person’s Adrenal Hormones

We use acupuncture to restore blood flow if it is a Physical stress

We use Medical Foods and Detoxifying product’s for Environmental toxins

We use botanical (herbs) to treat organ function (ie Kidney /Hormones)

Then we embark on a 3 phase treatment path:

  • The Quickest Possible Relief – Our initial aim is to ensure that you have no more symptoms
  • Fixing the Root Cause – The second phase is focussed on ensuring that we treat the correct cause of the problem to ensure a long term return of function.
  • Keeping the Result – Thirdly, after maximum results have been achieved, we provide the stabilization and maintenance programs that are dedicated to help you retain the health and body functions you have restored.

We apply functional medicine by utilizing a holistic and comprehensive wellness methodology which includes non-surgical, natural treatments and therapies for long-term results.  At the core of our methodology is acupuncture, botanical medicines, detoxification therapies and nutraceuticals.


With over 5000 years of continuous use, Acupuncture is the practice of stimulating specific points located on the skin and around the body to help stimulate and improve the flow of blood to any affected Organs, Glands and Tissues. With correct diagnosis and therapeutic delivery, the body is able to accelerate the natural healing and repair mechanisms that restore our body functions.

Botanical Medicine

By using traditional, non chemical, medicinal plants combined into formulas, Botanical Medicines work on the level of providing the body the necessary supplements needed to accelerate repair and function restoration. These herbs contain macro and micronutrients that can have specific therapeutic effects on the affected organs, glands and tissues of the body.

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