Infertility Natural Treatment (Posted on the Retail Trends)

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treatment2As one of the founding  clinical directors of The  Wellness Institute of  America in San Diego, Gerald Williams is dedicated  to helping people regain their health naturally, without drugs or  surgery. Williams specializes in  treating infertility and reproductive health problems, which he says are prevalent. “A 2011 study stated that about two-fifths of women are unable to conceive, which is quite a staggering statistic,” said Williams. “In cases that have structural complications that require physical correction, surgery may be the only option. However, most cases are non-structural, so treating the underlying cause naturally, without drugs or surgery, will often help achieve a successful pregnancy.”

Williams graduated  from the Pacific College of Oriental  Medicine in San Diego,  and is a board-certified and licensed doctor of acupuncture in the state of Rhode Island. He also has extensive  experience in Chinese botanical medicine and other holistic treatments for chronic health problems.

Williams is so confident in his methods, he offers a Guaranteed Pregnancy Program, which promises that a qualified patient will achieve a pregnancy within nine months, or get her money back.

“Because pregnancy is not guaranteed just because a conception has occurred, this program also includes complimentary care for the first trimester,” said Williams.

Now in his fifth year of the program, Dr. Williams is accepting only 12 qualified applicants for the remainder of 2014. To schedule a consultation and assessment, call 619-265-0291. The first 12 applicants who mention this article will receive a $250 gift certificate that covers the assessment fees.

“We’re very excited about this program, based on the number of successful full-term pregnancies that we have helped provide our patients, and helping patients build their families is what makes this work so rewarding,” said Dr. Williams.

The Wellness Institute  of America is at 2425  Camino Del Rio S., #180  (between Stadium Way &  Texas Street). For more  information, visit